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Title: Urban Astronomer  Ep. 52: Listeners Questions: Guns in Space and Why Venus is so Hot


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Description: Listeners have been asking about guns in space, and why Venus is so hot. We do our best to answer!

This is episode 9 of the 2nd season of the Urban Astronomer Podcast, featuring an interview with Dr Tana Joseph.  It’s been an interesting two weeks since the last episode – I’ve settled further into my new home and adjusted from rural to suburban life. What I gained in access to basic utilities and saving several hours off my commute has been paid for with a loss of the sky – not to light pollution, but to a canopy of trees shading the entire property!

Bio: Allen is an amateur astronomer, an IT professional, a podcaster, a father of five beautiful kids and a barely competent chess player. He is also the director of the Astrophotography Section of the Astronomical Society of South Africa, where he coordinates and promotes the activities of people who are far better photographers than him.

Dr. Tana Joseph is an astrophysicist with a special interest in extra-galactic X-ray binary star systems. She is also the founder and owner of AstroComms, a STEM consultancy and communications company.

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