Jan 17th: Dr. Erin Explains the Universe

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Podcaster: Host : Fraser Cain ; Guest: Dr. Erin MacDonald, Dr. Kimberly Cartier, Moiya McTier, Beth Johnson

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Title: Weekly Space Hangout – Guest: Dr. Erin MacDonald from “Dr. Erin Explains the Universe”

Link: Cosmoquest: http://cosmoquest.org

You can watch the video in:

Description:  Today’s story:

  • A planet that orbits 2 stars. And it was found by a High School kid!
  • The oldest piece of the Universe on Earth.
  •  Jupiter may have caused the Solar System’s “great divide”.

Host: Fraser Cain ( @fcain )

Special Guest: Dr. Erin MacDonald is an astrophysicist, science fiction consultant, aerospace engineer, and host of the online series “Dr. Erin Explains the Universe”. Her specialty is in general relativity, having previously worked in the LIGO Scientific Collaboration searching for gravitational waves. She has since found her home in science fiction, consulting with writers, teaching STEM through popular culture, and fulfilling her life goal of becoming a warp drive expert.

You can learn more about Dr. Erin by visiting her website here: https://www.erinpmacdonald.com

Regular Guest:
Dr. Kimberly Cartier ( http://KimberlyCartier.org & @AstroKimCartier )
Moiya McTier ( https://www.moiyamctier.com/ & @GoAstroMo )
Beth Johnson – SETI Institute ( @SETIInstitute / @planetarypan )

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End of podcast:

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