Podcaster: Allen Versfeld

Title: Urban Astronomer  Ep. 47: Dr. Rosalind Skelton


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Description: In this episode, we interview Dr. Rosalind Skelton ( @skelly_ros ) of the South African Astronomical Observatory. She is part of the team which manage operations for the Southern African Large Telescope, and her research interests include the  impact of mergers on the growth of galaxies, the mechanisms that shut down star formation in galaxies, environmental effects within groups and cluster of galaxies and large but faint, ultra-diffuse galaxies.

Bio: Allen is an amateur astronomer, an IT professional, a podcaster, a father of five beautiful kids and a barely competent chess player. He is also the director of the Astrophotography Section of the Astronomical Society of South Africa, where he coordinates and promotes the activities of people who are far better photographers than him.

Daniel is the Science Engagement Astronomer at the SAAO. Daniel has a background in computational physics and physics simulations, who has worked for the Square Kilometer Array  and SAAO. He is also a co-host of The Cosmic Savannah podcast. If your favourite part of Urban Astronomer is astronomer interviews, then I’d definitely recommend their show!

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