Jul 19th: Dr Chudwin Discusses the US/Soviet Space, his Apollo 11 Moon Landing Media Experiences & the Future of Space Exploration

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Podcaster: Andy Poniros

Title: Dr Chudwin Discusses the US/Soviet Space, his Apollo 11 Moon Landing Media Experiences & the Future of Space Exploration

Organization: Cosmic Perspective

Link : http://www.lift-off.us
Twitter : @Andy_SSA ; Andy@lift-off.us

Intro Music: “A Piece of Space History”, by Andy Poniros

Closing Outro Music: “Funk 2001”, by Larry Benigno

Description: Dr David Chudwin discusses, the US/Soviet Space Race,  many of his once in a lifetime  experiences covering the Apollo 11 Moon Landing Event, and the Future of Space Exploration  described in his new book, “I Was A Teenage Space Reporter”For more info go to www.davidchudwin.com

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Bio: Andy Poniros is a JPL / NASA Solar System Ambassador, Amateur Astronomer, Telescope Builder, Science Reporter and “Cosmic Perspective” host on www.WPKN.org

Today’s sponsor: This episode of 365 Days of Astronomy is sponsored by, Andy Poniros. “Cosmic Perspective” is an Andy Poniros Production. For more information, you can go to www.lift-off.us.

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About Andy Poniros

Andy Poniros is a JPL / NASA public outreach volunteer. When he’s not spending time with his family, he enjoys telescope building, and educating the public in the fields of astronomy & space exploration. He is currently working on astronomy & space exploration podcasts for children and adults.

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