Jul 10th: Awesome Astronomy July 2019 Space Round Up

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Podcaster: Ralph, Paul  & Jenni

Organization: Awesome Astronomy

Title : Awesome Astronomy July 2019 Space Round Up

Link : www.awesomeastronomy.com


The Discussion: An Apollo-fact filled episode to commemorate the 50th anniversary of humanity venturing onto the surface of another body. Paul works on an Oscar performance; we congratulate Jess Wade on receiving an MBE and we take a look at the latest movie to lionize the efforts of Apollo 11.

The News: Rounding up the space exploration news this month we have:

  • NASA plan to open up the International Space Station to commercial uses & ownership
  • NASA fund two concepts to explore moon craters and asteroids
  • ESA’s Trace Gas Orbiter kills the excitement over methane on Mars.
  • NASA’s Dragonfly mission to Titan
  • A solar sail gets tested in space
  • A look at the return to the moon blueprint

Main news stories: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 with Krispy Kreme, Apolloinrealtime.org, @Pilliarscreatio, the best of the Apollo history books, movies and a few fun facts.

The Debate: Court is in session for the second round of advocacy to get winner from your top ten historic space missions. On the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, what else would be doing battle, other than Apollo missions? So it’s the heavyweights: Apollo 8 vs Apollo 11. Only one will survive!

Moon Hoaxes: This is a particularly active time for moon hoax conspiracy theorists so we thought we’d give you some ammunition for the next time someone tells you the flag was waving in the wind or the shadows should all be parallel…

Q&A: At 6 million kelvin, is the plasma around the M87 supermassive black hole still a plasma? Andy Burns from the UK

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