Apr 5th: Dr. David Chudwin

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Podcaster: Host : Fraser Cain ; Guest : David Chudwin, MD, Dr. Pamela L. Gay, & Dr. Morgan Rehnberg.

Title: Weekly Space Hangout : Guest: Dr. David Chudwin

Link: Cosmoquest: http://cosmoquest.org

You can watch the video in: http://youtu.be/QBFwKcutFWk

Description:  Today’s story:

  • LIGO is back!
  • Everything is gonna happen tomorrow. Really.
  • Black hole announcement coming. Finally.
  • Water flowing on Mars.
  • Indian satellite debris.
  • CHEOPS, Europe’s exoplanet spy is ready to fly!

Host: Fraser Cain

Special Guests:  David Chudwin, MD, is the author of the upcoming book “I Was a Teenage Space Reporter: From Apollo 11 to Our Future in Space”.

David decided to go into medicine instead of journalism, but his Apollo 11 experiences led to a lifelong interest in space exploration. Chudwin has written about Apollo 11 in a variety of media outlets and has spoken about Apollo 11 at schools and at space meetings, including Spacefest. Chudwin is well-known in the space community, and Apollo astronauts Charles Duke, Fred Haise, Alfred Worden, and Jack Lousma have written endorsements for this book.


Dr. Pamela Gay ( https://cosmoquest.org/x/ / @starstryder )
Dr. Morgan Rehnberg ( http://cosmicchatter.org/@MorganRehnberg )

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