Nov 30th: Mission Moon 3-D

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Podcaster:  Host : Fraser Cain; Guest : Dave Eicher, Dr. Kimberly Cartier, Dr. Morgan Rehnberg, Dr. Paul M. Sutter

Title: Weekly Space Hangout – Guest: Dave Eicher of “Mission Moon 3-D”

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Description: This week topics:

  • Martian canyons.
  • A cloud plume on Mars.
  • The Insight lander!
  • A novel geoengineering approach.
  • Discussing the search for life.

Host: Fraser Cain ( @fcain )

Special Guest: David Eicher, co-author with Dr. Brian May of Mission Moon 3-D: A New Perspective on the Space Race. During David’s appearance, we will be giving away three copies of the book which is co-published with the MIT Press and the London Stereoscopic Association.

David Eicher is one of the most widely recognized astronomy enthusiasts in the world. He has been Editor in Chief of Astronomy magazine for the past thirty-five years. Eicher is the author or editor of 21 books on science and history. In 2014, he wrote and edited, along with Brian May and astronomer Garik Israelian, Starmus: 50 Years of Man in Space, and in 2016 edited the follow-up volume, Starmus: Discovering the Universe. In 1990, the International Astronomical Union named a minor planet, 3617 Eicher, for Eicher in recognition of his service to astronomy. He has spoken to and inspired many science and business groups around the world, including at Harvard University, the Starmus Festival and the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Dave was president of the Astronomy Foundation, the telescope industry and astronomy outreach group, from 2011–2017.


Dr. Kimberly Cartier ( & @AstroKimCartier )
Dr. Morgan Rehnberg ( & @MorganRehnberg )
Dr. Paul Matt Sutter ( & @PaulMattSutter )


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