Sep 29th: Vulcans, Dust Storms, and Water on Mars

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Podcaster: Chris North, Sarah Roberts and Mat Allen

Title: Pythagorean Astronomy: Vulcans, Dust Storms, and Water on Mars

Organization: Cardiff University and Las Cumbres Observatory

Link: Twitter: @cardiffphysx, @chrisenorth

An extended edition of an original broadcast on 25th July 2018 as part of Pythagoras’ Trousers on Radio Cardiff.

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Description: Chris North, Sarah Roberts and Mat Allen discuss a number of recent news stories. One of the latest planets to be discovered, “40 Eridani A a”, seems to be a lot like the fictional planet Vulcan, home to Spock in Star Trek. The RemoveDEBRIS mission has test-fired its net, and the Hyabusa 2 mission has successfully sent to rovers bouncing around the asteroid Ryugu. There’s also new results from the Gaia satellite, a new wind-monitoring satellite, and the discovery of dust storms on Titan.

With news of the discovery of water on Mars seeming to hit the headlines every few months, it seems time to focus on what we know about Mars and its geology. Dr Joel Davis, from the Natural History Museum in London, researches Martian geology, and explains all about its history, and what we mean when we talk about discovering water on Mars.

An extended edition of an original broadcast on 30th August 2018 as part of Pythagoras’ Trousers on Radio Cardiff.

Bio: Dr Chris North is an astronomy researcher and science communicator based at Cardiff University. As well as being the Ogden Science Lecturer in the School of Physics and Astronomy, he holds an STFC Public Engagement Fellowship entitled “The Dawn of Gravitational Wave Astronomy”. While his background is cosmology and infrared astronomy, he currently focus more on gravitational waves. His emphasis on communication is workshops for schools, as well as online interactive resources. He is also a co-author of several books.

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