Apr 13th: The Design and Engineering of Curiosity

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Podcaster:  Host : Fraser Cain ; Guest : Emily Lakdawalla, Dr. Kimberly Cartier, Dr. Morgan Rehnberg

Title: Weekly Space Hangout – Emily Lakdawalla’s “The Design and Engineering of Curiosity”‬

Link: Cosmoquest: http://cosmoquest.org
You can watch the video in: http://youtu.be/NwczvYaByzA

Description: This week, we are excited to welcome Austin Wintory and Anthony Lund to discuss their new collaborative Kickstarter campaign, A Light in the Void, a live concert experience that will tell the story of science through live music, scientists’ live presentations, video, animations, and more.

This week’s stories:

  • A monster flare on Prox B.
  • A hotel in space? What up wit dat?
  • The strange NOAA regulations that stopped the SpaceX broadcast.

Host: Fraser Cain ( @fcain )

Special Guest: This week we are excited to welcome Emily Lakdawalla, Senior Editor and Planetary Evangelist at The Planetary Society, back to the Weekly Space Hangout. On March 30th, Emily’s new book, The Design and Engineering of Curiosity: How the Mars Rover Performs Its Job, was released. It in, Emily describes the engineering that went into each instrument and piece of machinery incorporated into Curiosity’s systems. You can learn more about the book and Emily’s planned followup book on her blog here:

Dr. Kimberly Cartier ( http://KimberlyCartier.org & @AstroKimCartier )
Dr. Morgan Rehnberg ( http://cosmicchatter.org/ & @MorganRehnberg )

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