Dec 22nd: The Year In Review

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Podcaster:  Host : Fraser Cain ; Guest : Dr. Paul M. Sutter, Dr. Morgan Rehnberg, and Dr. Kimberly Cartier

Title: Weekly Space Hangout – The Year In Review

Link: Cosmoquest:
You can watch the video in:

Description: This Week’s Stories:

    • 10. The 2017 Nobel Prize… LIGO & Gravitational Waves!
    • 9. The National Space Council is back!
    • 8. A new group of 12 astronauts! Kimberley knows one of them!!!
    • 7. Hydrogen found on Enceladus!
    • 6. The Trappist 1 system with 7 Earth-sized exoplanets.
    • 5. So long Cassini & thanks for all the fish!
    • 4. 20 successful SpaceX landings!
    • 3. The 2017 eclipse!
    • 2. ‘Omuamua, the interstellar asteroid!
    • 1. The Kilonova NS/NS merger!


Dr. Paul Matt Sutter ( & @PaulMattSutter )
Dr. Morgan “Sniffles” Rehnberg ( & @MorganRehnberg )
Dr. Kimberly Cartier ( & @AstroKimCartier )


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End of podcast:

365 Days of Astronomy
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