Podcaster:  Host : Fraser Cain ; Guest : Mathew Anderson, Paul M. Sutter & Nancy Atkinson

Title: Weekly News Roundup: Our Cosmic Story

Link: Cosmoquest:

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Description: This Week’s Stories:

  • What is the “Cold Spot” in the CMB?
  • Cassini’s deep dive through the ring plane of Saturn.
  • An enormous wave sweeping through the Perseus Cluster.
  • Curiosity sampling a sand dune.

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Host: Fraser Cain ( @fcain )

Special Guest: The WSH again welcomes Mathew Anderson, author of “Our Cosmic Story,” to the show. You may recall that Mathew joined us last fall just prior to the release of “Our Cosmic Story,” and he was kind enough to offer our viewers free electronic copies just for the asking. Since then, Mathew has expanded the last chapter of his book to include additional information about SETI, and with the recent exoplanet discoveries, many of the other chapters are of even greater relevance. We are pleased to announce that, in conjunction with his return visit, Mathew will again be offering for a limited time free electronic copies of his complete book as well as his standalone update.

Dr. Paul Matt Sutter ( & @PaulMattSutter )
Nancy Atkinson ( / @Nancy_A )

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