Nov 23rd: Our Sun & Its Mysterious Atmosphere


Podcaster: Dr. George Doschek

Title: Astro Interviews : Our Sun & Its Mysterious Atmosphere

Organization: 365 Days Of Astronomy

Link : 365 Days Of Astronomy

Description:  Recorded at the Astronomical League’s 2016 Annual Convention. Your Producer, Richard Drumm, apologizes for the sketchy audio quality. Someday he’ll buy a wireless mic and won’t have to record “room tone” off the PA system any more. 

The origin of the solar chromosphere, corona, and the production of solar flares and coronal mass ejections that occur within these regions are exciting unsolved problems of solar physics. There are many theories and a plethora of space observations that observe the high energy solar atmosphere in ultraviolet, extreme-ultraviolet, X-ray, and gamma ray wavelengths. These observations have given us stunning views of the Sun that are not attainable from the Earth’s surface. Dr. Doschek discusses some of the most spectacular results from recent spacecraft such as the Solar Dynamics Observatory, STEREO, Hinode, RHESSI, and SOHO and what their data are telling us about the fundamental physics that drives the solar atmosphere and its effects on the Earth.

Bio: Richard Drumm is President of the Charlottesville Astronomical Society and President of 3D – Drumm Digital Design, a video production company with clients such as Kodak, Xerox and GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals. He was an observer with the UVa Parallax Program at McCormick Observatory in 1981 & 1982. He has found that his greatest passion in life is public outreach astronomy and he pursues it at every opportunity.

Dr. George Doschek is a Research Physicist in the Solar & Heliospheric Physics Branch in the Space Science Division of the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL).

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