Podcaster:  Host : Fraser Cain ; Guest :Dr. Voula Saridakis, Nicole Gugliucci, Alessondra Springman & Morgan Rehnberg

Title: Weekly Space Hangout: Dr. Voula Saridakis of @histastro

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Description: This Week’s Stories:

  • Dark matter galaxy Dragonfly 44
  • DPS report from Pasadena!
  • Schiaparelli lander is toast.
  • Pluto’s tiny moons have ammonia and water ice.
  • The Pluto system is billions of years old.
  • 67P Churymov-Gerasimenko is denser on the surface.
  • Planet 9 may have tilted the Sun’s axis.
  • Juno at Jupiter. Thruster troubles.
  • The KBO 2007 OR10 has a tiny little moon!

Bio: Fraser Cain is the publisher of Universe Today
Special Guest: Dr. Voula Saridakis ( @HistAstro ), a professor at Lake Forest College in Illinois specializing in the history of science and astronomy, who runs the History of Astronomy Twitter account at

Guests:  Morgan Rehnberg ( & @MorganRehnberg )
Dr. Nicole Gugliucci ( & @<NoisyAstronomer )
Alessondra Springmann ( / @sondy )

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