Podcaster:  Host : Dr. Pamela Gay ; Guest : Jim Plaxco

Title: Hangoutathon:Commercial Space!


Astrodigital ( ; Artsnova ( )

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Description: Jim Plaxco talks about commercial issues and planned to talk about space art. Technical issues, however, intervened & cut him short. Our apologies to you all.

Bio: Pamela Gay is a Project Director of Cosmoquest.

Special Guest: Jim Plaxco. ( @digitalart ) is a digital artist, photographer and owner of Artsnova ( ). When not creating art, Jim is a software engineer, database administrator, data analyst, and web designer. He is a former member of the National Space Society’s Board of Directors. Jim Plaxco also serves as a NASA JPL Solar System Ambassador, providing educational presentations to schools, museums, and various organizations and special interest groups. He is also the creator and webmaster of Astrodigital (, an educational web site.

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