Feb 17th: Sources of light, Reflection & Emission

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Podcaster:  Dr. Pamela Gay & Georgia Bracey

Learning SpaceTitle: Learning Space 106: Sources of light, Reflection & Emission (with special guest ionization)

Organization: CosmoQuest

Link : http://cosmoquest.org


Luis Argerich’s Comet Lovejoy and Meteor at the Beehive: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lrargerich/11591591794

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln interactive Blackbody Curves and Filters Explorer page: http://astro.unl.edu/naap/blackbody/animations/blackbody.html

The Vernier Spectrum Tube Carousel: http://www.vernier.com/products/lab-equipment/spectrum-tube-power-supplies/st-car/

Description:  Learning Space is a Hangout on Air about topics in astronomy education, outreach, and other ways to share science. We bring you interviews, hands-on demonstrations, lists of our favorite resources,and more. Join your hosts Pamela Gay and Georgia Bracey (with Nicole Gugliucci in the archives) every other Wednesday. Learning Space is produced by CosmoQuest at the STEM Center @SIUE as part of the 365 Days of Astronomy project. This material is made possible and distributed free of charge thanks to donations by people like you. Check out our Patreon Campaign (https://www.patreon.com/LearningSpace) and subscribe to us on YouTube (http://bit.ly/CQLearningSpace).


Bio: Dr. Pamela Gay is a professor at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville.

Georgia Bracey of Learning Spaces Center for STEM Research, Education and Outreach at SIUE

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