Sep 23rd: Full-Time Awesome


Podcaster: Host: Dr. Pamela Gay; Guest: Robert Böhme, Karsten Becker

GLXP-700x700Title: GLXP Team Hangouts 017: Full-Time Awesome

Organization: Cosmoquest ; Google Lunar XPrize

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More about Team Part Time

Description: Audi, the famous carmaker, has partnered with Google Lunar XPRIZE team Part-Time Scientists, and are now ready to help them get their Audi lunar quattro rover to the Moon! Watch this Hangout with Part-Time Scientists to discover what inspires them; how the exciting new partnership with Audi is going; and the everyday realities of making disruptive innovation (and great design) happen! Hosted by Dr. Pamela L. Gay.

Overview: A global team of scientists and engineers are all working toward constructing missions to land on, travel across, and send video back from the Moon. With this new Google Hangout on Air series, we will introduce you to the men and women behind each of these planned missions and bring you all the latest developments from the +Google Lunar XPRIZE.

Bio:  Dr. Pamela Gay is a professor at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville and Project Director of Cosmoquest

Robert Böhme, Part Time Scientist team lead.

Karsten Becker, Part Time Scientist electronic guy

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