March 20th: The Southern Cross

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Podcaster: Avivah Yamani

FolkloreTitle: Folklore Series: The Southern Cross

Organization: Astrosphere New Media

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Description: Australia Aboriginal folklore about The Southern Cross.

Bio: Avivah Yamani is a Project Manager of 365 Days of Astronomy

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365 Days of Astronomy
The 365 Days of Astronomy Podcast is produced by Astrosphere New Media. Audio post-production by Richard Drumm. Bandwidth donated by and wizzard media. You may reproduce and distribute this audio for non-commercial purposes. Please consider supporting the podcast with a few dollars (or Euros!). Visit us on the web at or email us at In the new year the 365 Days of Astronomy project will be something different than before….Until then…goodbye

About Avivah Yamani

Astronomy communicator and Project Director of 365 Days Of Astronomy.

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