Hey 365 Days of Astronomy fans! As you know, our podcast is continuing for its third year now. There’s just one little problem: we need more of you to contribute podcasts! We still have a several dates throughout the year that are open, with some coming up relatively soon (there are open dates in April and May that need to be filled soon!) Here’s your big chance to be a podcast star! We would love to have more people contributing to the 365 Days of Astronomy, so if you’ve been thinking about doing a podcast but haven’t yet made the commitment, now’s the time. Any topic in astronomy and space exploration will be accepted and your podcast will be heard by about 5,000 sets of ears!

We also need some backup “emergency” podcasts to have on hand in the event that a scheduled podcaster drops out or fails to submit their podcast. Check out our calendar, choose an open date, and send us an email at signup@365daysofastronomy.org

If you don’t want to do a podcast but still enjoy our podcast, please consider donating so that our podcast can continue. Click the donate button on the left!

Also, spread the word! If you know someone else who might be interested, tell them! And writers and bloggers, feel free to re-post this message anywhere.

Thanks, and remember it’s you who make 365 Days of Astronomy the biggest and most popular user-contributed podcast in the world!