We still have a few open dates in January and we need volunteers to sign up for doing podcasts! Here are the days:

Jan. 18 Taken!
Jan. 19 Taken!
Jan. 21 Taken!
Jan. 22 Taken!
Jan. 23 Taken!
Jan. 24 Taken!
Jan. 28 Taken!
Jan. 29
Jan. 31 Taken!
Also, Feb. 1 is open, too.

Email us to sign up, and visit the Join In page for more info. For those volunteering to take a date in January (which is coming right up!) we’ll give you as much time as you need to get your audio and other materials submitted.

While we currently have over half of the year scheduled, there are still lots of other dates available as well. Take a look at the calendar to find dates that are open (dates not listed are open).