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By Andy Poniros on July 19, 2019 in

Podcaster: Andy Poniros

By AwesomeAstro Pod on July 10, 2019 in

An Apollo-fact filled episode to commemorate the 50th anniversary of humanity venturing onto the surface of another body.

By WSH team on May 17, 2019 in

Discussion with Brother Guy Consolmagno about Vatican observatory. And of course news roundup with update about 2024 moon project, Light Sail II at #365DaysOfAstro

By Astronomy Cast on April 15, 2019 in

Even though they might be scattered around our planet, astronomers have a way to come together to work out issues that face their entire field of study. It’s called the International Astronomical Union, and they’re the ones who work out the new names for stars, and sometimes de-planet beloved Kuiper Belt Objects.

By Andy Poniros on February 20, 2019 in

APOLLO 7 astronaut Colonel Walter Cunningham discusses the challenges of landing a man to the moon, including the APOLO 1 fire that took the lives of astronaut Gus Grissom, Ed White & Roger Chaffee. The first manned flight after the tragedy, APOLO 7, the first flight to go to the Moon & back, APOLO 8, & the first Moon landing, APOLO 11.

By Mike Simonsen on October 13, 2009 in

Date: October 13, 2009 Title: The Summer We Flew to the Moon Podcaster: Mike Simonsen Organization: Simostronomy- The Astronomy and Variable Star Blog Description: Today we go back to the 60’s, before man had landed on the moon, before Watergate, before personal computers, before the Internet, at the height of the race to land […]

By David Kurtz on July 21, 2009 in

Date: July 21, 2009 Title: Moonstruck Podcaster: David Kurtz Links: Apollo 40th Anniversary , We Choose the Moon, The Apollo 11 Mission , Lunar Science Institute Description: Apollo 11 was a victory for all nations and peoples of the world. This is a look back, and look forward, at what is arguably mankind’s crowning glory […]

By Ted Haulley on July 20, 2009 in

Date: July 20, 2009 Title: The Eagle Has Landed Podcaster: Ted Haulley Contact: Description: On July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 landed on the moon. 40 years later we look back on the Apollo 11 mission. This podcast will describe some of the basics about the mission, along with some things about Apollo 11 that […]