CosmoQuest at DragonCon 2014

Aug 22, 2014 | Behind the Scenes

logoIt’s August again, which means it is time for another Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia, over Labor Day Weekend. The CosmoQuest team will be out in force with citizen science and more at the convention. Once again we’ll have a big booth on the second floor of the Hilton with science, demos, freebies, and merchandise! Find us on the level above the lobby from 10am – 7pm Friday through Sunday and 10am – 2pm on Monday.

Plus, Pamela and I will be participating in several panels. Here is where you can find us:

  • Friday 1pm, Hilton 201, Electronic Frontiers ForumWomen in Science & Tech Careers – panel including Pamela Gay
  • Friday 2:30pm, Westin Chastain FG, WhedonverseSCIENCE! Of the Avengers and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – panel including Pamela Gay
  • Saturday 10am, Hilton 203, Podcasting TrackPodcasting Authors Roundtable – panel including Pamela Gay
  • Saturday 11:30am, Hilton 309/310, Space TrackGreat Unknown Female Astronomers – panel including Nicole Gugliucci
  • Saturday 1pm, Hilton Grand Ballroom West, Science TrackScience, Science News, and the Media – panel including Pamela Gay
  • Saturday 4pm, Westin Augusta 1-2, Alternate History TrackPractical Time Travel – panel including Nicole Gugliucci
  • Sunday 10am – 12:30pm, Sheraton Atlanta, Science TrackHands on Science Power Hour – 12 hands-on experiments with various scientists, including Pamela (and possibly Nicole)
  • Sunday 1pm, Sheraton Atlanta, Science TrackAsk a Scientist – panel including Pamela Gay
  • Sunday 2:30pm, Hilton 309/310, Space TrackChasing the Signal: Secrets of the First Galaxies – talk by Nicole Gugliucci
  • Sunday 5:30 – 9pm, Hyatt Regency V, Podcasting TrackParsec Awards – Nicole and Pamela will be presenting awards
  • Sunday 10pm, Hilton 309/310, Space TrackAstronomy Cast Live: The Tough Questions of Space and Science – panel including Pamela Gay
  • Sunday 10pm – 12:30am, Hilton Grand Ballroom East, Science TrackThe Solve for X Science Show – A science themed variety show, where Nicole Gugliucci will be participating in “Powerpoint Karaoke”
  • Monday 10am, Hilton 204-207, Skeptics TrackIgnite Skepticism – short talks, including one by Pamela Gay
  • Monday 1pm, Hilton 309/310, Space TrackObservational Astronomy: No Telescope Required – talk by Pamela Gay
  • Monday 1pm, Hilton 202, Science TrackCitizen Science Needs You – panel including Nicole Gugliucci
  • Monday 2:30pm, Hilton 309/310, Space TrackThe Fermi Paradox – a panel including Nicole Gugliucci

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 5.09.05 PMPlease come up and say hello!

Don’t forget. We’ll also be speaking at the Atlanta Star Party on Thursday night, so get your ticket now if you haven’t already! Use the code STARRY2014 for $5 off admission.


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