Credits and Sponsors

Production Teams

CosmoQuest is produced out of the Planetary Science Institute, a 501(c)3 non-profit, dedicated to exploring our Solar System and beyond. We work in partnership with many people & organizations.

Build Team

  • Dr. Pamela L. Gay, Program Director & Executive Producer
  • Nancy Graziano, Program Manager
  • Beth Johnson, Content Manager
  • Ally Pelphrey, Production Manager
  • Annie Wilson, Chief Rocket Herder
  • Erik Madaus, Technical Writer
  • Gordon Dewis, Server Wrangler

Moderator Team

Ambious, Astro_yyz, dpi209, gilliangeorgine, Guido, Hexacosichoron, MsBrickKitten, R.Instro, Veronica_Cure, Walker

365 Days of Astronomy

  • Avivah Yamani, Project Manager
  • Richard Drumm, Audio Engineer
  • Avivah Yamani, Content Manager

Astronomy Cast

  • Fraser Cain & Pamela Gay, Hosts
  • Nancy Graziano, Project Manager
  • Richard Drumm, Audio Engineer
  • Ally Pelphrey, Video Engineer
  • Beth Johnson, Content Manager

Daily Space

  • Pamela Gay, Beth Johnson, & Annie Wilson, Hosts
  • Pamela Gay, Project Manager
  • Ally Pelphrey, Production Engineer
  • Pamela Gay, Beth Johnson, Erik Madaus, Gordon Dewis, Elad Avron, David Ballard, Writers
  • Beth Johnson, Content Manager

Visión Cósmica

  • Andrés Plazas Malagón & Nicolás Garavito-Camargo, Hosts
  • Andrés Plazas Malagón, Project Manager & Content Manager

Weekly Space Hangout

  • Fraser Cain, Lead Host
  • Nancy Graziano, Project Manager & Content Manager

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We receive additional financial support from our audience on, who we maintain are the friendliest humans on Twitch. We also receive donations from individuals through their company matching programs, direct donations, and the random purchase of cool things on RedBubble



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Sometimes, after the credits are over, a movie surprises with more of the story. You are that shock of joy.

Those who Stay for the Credits ($50)

We are just specks in a vast universe, and our time is limited, but your name can appear forever in the credits.

  • Bill Nash
  • David Truog
  • Helge Bjorkhaug
  • Janelle Duncan
  • Kevin Parker
  • Richard
  • Timelord Iroh

Page Turners ($20)

No matter where you are on Earth, we all share the same corner of the Milky Way Galaxy… and of the internet.

  • Andreas Siegel
  • cacoseraph
  • Greg Thorwald
  • Jordan Elkurdi
  • Kyle Carmichael
  • Mark Sykes
  • Mark Walker
  • William Fincher

Constellations ($10)

You are the bright stars that make up our sky. You are seemingly countless and give us life.

  • Bob the cat
  • Breck Young
  • Don Mundis
  • Elad Avron
  • Fred Brehm
  • Gordon Dewis
  • gryffdawg
  • Jan Yu
  • Jeff Harris
  • Jim Schooler
  • Joseph J. Biernat
  • OntheDiagonal
  • Paul Nash
  • Peter Richards
  • Robert W Farley
  • Sebastian Schipper
  • Wayne Johnson

Silliness and Safety Patrol ($5)

Thank you for all you do. Together we are running with space and bringing silliness to science.

  • Andrew Thomson
  • Astrohead
  • Beth Johnson
  • Brett Ryland
  • Craig Landon
  • Dana Nourie
  • Dianne Philippon
  • Donald McCoy
  • Ed Chubin
  • Eric Schneider
  • Gabriel Gauffin
  • Glenn McDavid
  • goert reve
  • Gold
  • Harald Brabenetz
  • Horace A Smith
  • Ian Furqueron
  • Jako Danar
  • Jeff Takacs
  • Joe Hollstein
  • Jonas Sadauskas
  • Jonathon poe
  • Jörn Albert
  • Julie Hansen
  • Katrina Ince
  • Kerbal01
  • Laura Kittleson
  • Les Howard
  • Malcolm Rogers
  • Michael Cassidy
  • Myth Town
  • Nicholas E Maloney
  • Octa9on
  • Paul Fischer
  • PrettyFinch
  • Roy & Diane Corbin
  • Russell Hart
  • Silvan Wespi
  • StarStryder
  • Stephen Jung
  • Steven Manfred
  • Stuart A Bell
  • Sufficiently Agitated
  • Tanya Kuzara
  • Thomas Bouda
  • Tom Van Scotter
  • WandererM101

Pillars of Creation ($3)

You are not only the pillars of our creation but the pillars of our community.

  • Edward Roberts
  • Eric Couch
  • Jon Pennycook
  • Kevin Kell
  • Linda Sadiq
  • Tim Eggenberger