Credits and Sponsors

CosmoQuest is funded through a combination of private and corporate donations and contracts. We have also previously had (and will have again!) federal grants. Below are acknowledgements of our funders:

Current Funding

  • We have a contract through the University of Arizona to work on the OSIRIS-REx mission


Those Who Stay for the Credits:
Richard Hendricks
Bill Nash

Page Turners:
Teresa Littlefield
Fredrik Sjoge
David Swenson
Mark Sykes

Prior Funding

These grants have been used to support content you see on this site, and development of the software that runs this site. 

  • CosmoQuest has been supported in part by NASA grants NNX17AD21G, NNX17AD20A, NNX16AJ21G, NNX16AC68A, NNX12AB92G, NNX09AD34G. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed are those of this project & do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).
  • We have had contracts to work with New Horizons through SWRI, the Dawn Mission through UCLA, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter through NASA Goddard, and MESSENGER through the National Academies of Science. 
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