Privacy Policy

We at CosmoQuest respect your privacy and understand the need to keep shared information secure. However, we’re also extremely curious, and we want to make the best it can be! So, in order to optimize the site and to understand how it is used by the community members, we may collect the following information:

  • your name
  • your email address
  • IP address

We also use cookies. These are small files placed on your computer, with your permission, that gather data about how you use the site. Cookies let us learn things like how often a particular page is accessed and which site features are preferred, and they allow us to tailor the site to a particular user. If you enable cookies on your web browser, you will be assured of the best experience each time you visit

All of this information will help us to

  • improve the site and customize it to your needs
  • contact you about new projects and project updates
  • better understand how community members use the site
  • ask your permission to participate in research involving site usage and content

Remember, we will not share your information with other sites or organizations, and all user information is securely protected. Also remember that if you follow a link that takes you away from (only briefly, we hope!) the policies of the outside site apply.

Finally, when you submit data to one of our citizen science projects, you are contributing to science. Your contributions – measuring craters, marking rocks, mapping worlds – will be shared with our science teams. You will get credit for you work once it is verified. This will either be acknowledgement of your efforts here on this website using your user name, or we will contact you through email to request what name we should use to acknowledge you in a publication or presentation. We will never use your actual name without explicit permission.