Carnivals #367 and #368

by | Aug 25, 2014 | Carnival of Space | 0 comments

The Carnival of Space is a traveling list of the week’s best astronomy blog posts as submitted by bloggers from around the world. 

Pam Hoffman of EverydaySpacer hosted last week’s carnival, #376, with

  • a black hole’s effect on x-ray light
  • Supermoon rising
  • SpaceX vs. allies of government contractors
  • Saturn’s rings

This week’s Carnival of Space, #368, is hosted by Joe Latrell at Photos to Space with

  • self-replicating space probes
  • unfolding the “spine” of the James Webb Space Telescope
  • new science from old data
  • optical interferometry from space

Find out more about the Carnival of Space at Universe Today.


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