About CosmoQuest

CosmoQuest was founded in 2012 as a place where people can come together and work on space science projects, learn astronomy & planetary science, and collaborate with scientists in meaningful ways that advance our understanding of the universe.

Over the years, CosmoQuest has built a thriving community of citizen scientists, astronomers, communicators, and friends. We have multiple podcasts under our umbrella of content, including Astronomy Cast and the Weekly Space Hangout. We stream our recording sessions live on Twitch and/or YouTube, and we always have time to answer audience questions.

Despite several extraordinary challenges, or perhaps because of them, we found ourselves a home at the Planetary Science Institute. And Dr. Pamela got a puppy named Stella. (You can see Stella and her brothers Eddie and Malachi on Pamela’s dog cam during some livestreams.)

In 2019, we launched the Bennu Mappers project as part of a contract with the OSIRIS-REx mission. Between May and October, over 3,500 volunteers made more than 14 million annotations of rocks, boulders and craters across thousands of images returned from the spacecraft, all to help find the Touch and Go sample return mission find a safe place to sample. That sample collection occurred in October 2020.

We are honored to now have our Daily Space show broadcast on Now Media‘s family of radio and television networks including channel 21.10 in Houston. As we look toward the future, we will continue to grow our community and expand our reach, beginning with the introduction of a new Spanish-language podcast called Visión Cósmica. We are here to bring space and science to anyone who has an interest in learning.

If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a global community to raise up our understanding of the universe.

CosmoQuest is a place to do, to learn, and to collaborate.

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