Say Hello at #SciO

Feb 27, 2014 | Uncategorized

This week, I’ll be visiting Raleigh, North Carolina, for Science Online Together. This conference brings together scientists, journalists, educators, anyone who uses the internet to communicate for and about science. Several of the large sessions can be viewed live during the conference, and other sessions will be made available to outside “watch parties” for people who couldn’t attend. Anyone can follow along on Twitter, as every session will be tweeted and have its own hashtag. The meeting overall will be using #scio14 and #sciox, so join us there if you can.


Science Online sessions cover a wide range of topics, from apps to accessibility, and psychological research to policy. I’ll be helping with the “Virtual Events” session as facilitator, so definitely check out the hashtag #scioVirtual on Friday. I’m particularly looking forward to the Intergalactic Gala on Friday night, where I’ll be helping the Intergalactic Travel Bureau. I do hope you’ll stop by if you’re going to be at the conference!

I’ve been to #scio13 and #scio11 and have watched the incredible growth of this organization and conference. There are now thematic conferences throughout the year, such as ScioBrain, ScioOceans, and even ScioTeen. Check it out if you’re interested in joining a global community of people communicating science, and maybe we’ll see you at a future conference. Be sure to say hello if you’ll be at this one, as well!


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