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January 2016 Infographics

Here’s your latest issue of What’s New? Your Monthly Astronomy News. #KtSeery For more information on these stories: HST and Spitzer faint galaxy: Ceres’ salt flat: Reflected visible light from exoplanet: Pluto hi-res color photos: ALMA diffuse gas: NuSTAR clumpy doughnut:   Here’s your latest issue of What’s Up Tonight? Interesting […]

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What's New? December 2015

Infographic for 2015 December

editor’s note from Pamela: We’re bringing you a new voice; Katie Seery will be bringing her awesome infographics to the CosmoQuest community. Katie is a graduate student at the Rochester Institute of Technology. When she isn’t communicating science through her words and graphics, she is working on the development of Si-MOSFET CMOS Technology for THz […]

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