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130304-geekgirlcon-logo-01I’m a geek. I’m a girl (well, colloquially speaking). I love cons. So when we had the chance to go to GeekGirlCon for some guerrilla outreach, I was thrilled!

This weekend, I’ll be taking part in GeekGirlCon in Seattle, WA. Here’s where you can find me and CosmoQuest during the con:

  • Saturday, 9am-6pm, location TBA – I’ll be at the DIY Science Zone for most of the day! There will be all kinds of science activities to participate in, including making craters in flour and cocoa powder. Come try citizen science on the CosmoQuest website as well. CosmoAcademy director Matthew Francis will be participating!
  • Saturday, 12pm-1pm, Room 204 – Edible Astronomy! I’ll be sharing some ways to model concepts in astronomy with things you can eat. I’ll follow up with links to the activities after the session.
  • Saturday, 1:30pm-2:30pm, Room 302 – Ask the Astronomers – I’m joining a panel of fellow space-lovers to answer YOUR burning questions about astronomy.
  • Sunday, 1:30pm-2:00pm, Connections Room – Careers in Science – Come discuss the many different paths that a career in science can take you.

I’ll also be at the Marian Call concert Saturday night and stopping by the Skepchick/SurlyRamics table when I can. Hope to see you there!

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Nicole Gugliucci is a Ph.D astronomer and works with the fabulous project known as CosmoQuest.

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