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The #DailySpace brings you the universe at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 5pm GMT on twitch.tv/CosmoQuestX. Today’s #spacenews includes:

Dragon C113 returned to Earth on June 4th after 4 weeks docked at the ISS. This was the second flight for this particular capsule, and the 6th time a Dragon Cargo has been reused. It’s also the last newly manufactured Dragon 1.

Dragon 1 is used for cargo, Dragon 2 will be used for people.

There’s 3 more missions in the contract SpaceX has with NASA to deliver supplies to the ISS with the next mission scheduled for July. No word on what capsule is to be used for that mission.


June 12 launch of RADARSAT Constellation Mission from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California

Mission Patch:
Outline of a red rounded triangle with Earth and three satellites in the center. The view of Earth is focused on North America and has a small green 4 leaf clover in the ocean off of the coast of California. (The four leaf clover is included in all mission logos for good luck.) The three satellites signify the constellation of the 3 RADARSATs that are on this launch. On the triangle surrounding the Earth and constellation, there’s a Canadian Flag with the text “RADARSAT CONSTELLATION, SPACEX, FALCON9.”

Booster: B1051 — used for the Crew Dragon Demo-1 on March 2.
All three satellites mounted on the hardware that will attach it to the rocket.

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