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May 22, 2014 | Uncategorized


We’re on our way to Baltimore, Maryland, today to take our citizen science project to Balticon 48! Will you be the area? Are you attended the con? We’d love to see you! CosmoQuest will have a fan table all four days of the convention. I’ll update with our location once I know it. (Update: We were in the main hallway so it’s quite hard to miss!)

You can also see Pamela Gay or Nicole Gugliucci on various panels on the Science, Writing, and New Media Tracks. Here is where we’ll be over the course of the Con (schedule still subject to change!)


6pm – Chesapeake Room“Getting the Most out of Google Plus & Hangouts On Air” – Pamela and Nicole will be on a panel hosted by Peter Bryant of MythWits and siting alongside Director of Døøm A Kovacs and author Brand Gamblin.

7pm – Chesapeake Room – “Science Ideas That Haven’t been Overused in Fiction” – Pamela Gay does a panel with Geoffrey Landis, Mary Turzillo, Catherine Asaro, and Steve White.


2pm – Chesapeake Room“10 Cool Underused Ways To Travel In Space” – Pamela Gay is on this panel with Andy Love, Catherine Asaro, Geoffrey Landis, and Charles E. Gannon.

5pm – Derby Room“Astronomy Cast” – Pamela Gay on the long-running Astronomy Cast podcast!

7pm – Derby Room“365 Days of Astronomy Podcast” – Pamela Gay on your favorite crowd-sourced podcast about space.


12:15pm – Salon A“Well THAT Was Unexpected” – Nicole Gugliucci talks about some of the weird and wonderful stories from the history of radio astronomy. 

4pm – Salon A“Cosmic Smack downs!” – Pamela Gay highlights 5.5 billion years of interplanetary collisions.

6pm – Parlor 1041“Narration vs Voice Acting” – Pamela Gay moderates a panel with John Taylor Williams, Veronica Giguere, J Daniel Sawyer, and Laura Nicole.

9pm – Salon A“Chasing the Signal” – Nicole Gugliucci talks about the ongoing race to be the first to detect the whispers of hydrogen from the early Universe.

10pm – Salon A“Astronomers R Us” – Pamela and Nicole join a whole host of astronomers appearing at Balticon including Carey Lisse and Inge Heyer.


9am – Parlor 1041“Crowd-Sourcing” – Pamela Gay appears on a panel with Rob Balder, Joshua Palmatier, and Neal Levin.

9am – Chesapeake Room“Google+ for authors” – Nicole Gugliucci joins P.G. Holyfield, Brand Gamblin, and David Brawley.

1pm – Belmont Room“Science for Writers Q&A” – Pamela Gay appears on a panel with Stephen Granade, Walt Boyes, T Jackson King, and Ian Strock.

See the entire Balticon pocket program here.(pdf) 


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