Moving Giveaway – Part 2

Feb 25, 2014 | Uncategorized

We still have an overflow of goodies from our move across campus. We’d like to send it to you! We collect all kinds of astronomy-themed schwag at conferences with the idea of giving them away to you fine folks. Now that we have it all in one place, it’s catalogued and ready to send. The first round of giveaways are all out the door, so we’d like to do another round. Please, take these things out of my office!

Astronomy swag

You don’t get something for nothing, however. We give gifts for science! Many of these prizes are available to you if you’ve marked over 100 images in our citizen science projects. A few special prizes are open to users with 1000 images classified. See your current stats while signed into CosmoQuest and going to the Stats Page at We’re also opening it up to established and senior members of the forums.

How can you get these fabulous prizes once you’ve qualified? Head on over to the forums to the Giveaway thread and leave a comment indicating your preference. The second round of giveaways starts as soon as this blog posts and will end on 11pm CST March 5th. Want to know what’s still up for grabs? I have all the items listed with pictures on the first page of the thread.

Be sure to check out all the topics under discussion on the CQ: BAUT forums. Talk about citizen science, share interesting Mappers pictures, discuss science controversies and news, or just chat in the off-topic forums.

Visit the Forum Giveaway thread now:


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