It’s Almost Time for Dragon*Con!

Pink stormtrooper defends the science!

Pink stormtrooper defends the science!

It’s my FAVORITE time of year, Labor Day weekend, 50,000+ geeks all converged on Atlanta for a huge sci-fi/fantasy/geek/nerd fest. AND there’s lots of science! That’s right, it’s almost time for DragonCon.

We just got word that CosmoQuest/Astrosphere will have a table space in the Hilton this year, near all our favorite track rooms. We’ve had a number of people volunteer to help out at the table, so THANK YOU. If you want to give us a hand, we’re still open at getinvolved [at]

Cover of comic available at Dragon*Con!

Cover of comic available at Dragon*Con!

There will be citizen science for you to do right there at our booth. We’ll be demo-ing the new app on the Android store. We’ll have teacher presentations, comic books, t-shirts, and more. So come and say hi if you’re at the Con! We’ll even be doing a MeetUp with CosmoQuest and the RIT Insight Lab on Saturday night at 8pm, place TBA.

There is so much science and space based programming for you if you want it. The Space Track is in a new, bigger location on the 3rd floor of the Hilton 309/310. Their full schedule of programming is up on their track website. The Science, Skeptics, and Podcasting track all occupy a nook of “reality” on the second floor of the Hilton just across the way. All of the programming is now available as a “pocket program” or a mobile app, so now is a good time to make your schedule.

Of course, we’ll also be rocking the Atlanta Star Party on Thursday night with talks, demos, and (weather willing) actual stars! You definitely want to get your tickets for this great event. It’s the best way to start off the Con, really.

Coming to the Con in costume? Get a picture in front of our spacey CosmoQuest wall at our booth. I love watching cosplayers show off their skills and completed works, and I can imagine a whole set of pictures of fun characters in front of the CosmoQuest booth to be quite a keepsake. I will be bringing just one costume this year in homage to my favorite 80s movie…

Where will Pamela and I be presenting at the Con? Here’s the schedule as we know it so far (subject to change!) And remember, our CosmoQuest booth will be open at the Hilton (likely 2nd floor, as usual) 10am-7pm Friday-Sunday, 10am-3pm Monday:


7pm Emory Math and Science Center – Atlanta Star Party!


1pm Hilton 309-310: Don’t Call Me Dear, Call Me Ph.Doctor – Pamela Gay, Nicole Gugliucci, Erin Macdonald, Sarah Milkovich,

2:30 Hilton 204-207: Don’t Panic! Again... – Panel, incl Nicole Gugliucci


1pm Hilton 204-207: You Might Be a Crank If... – Pamela Gay

7pm Hilton 309-310: 132 (Confirmed) + 3,216 (Possible) = Kepler Telescope Legacy – Pamela Gay and Nicole Gugliucci


11:30am Crystal Ballroom Hilton: DIY Science: Cooking Worlds forFamily Science – Pamela Gay

4pm Hilton 202: DIY Science: Get Your Citizen Science On! – Pamela Gay and Mika McKinnon

5:30pm-8pm Hyatt Regency Atlanta, Regency V Ballroom: We’ll be present at the annual Parsec Awards, likely as award giver-outers.

7pm Hilton 204-207: Talking Science and Critical Thinking Online – Panel, incl Nicole Gugliucci

8:30pm Hilton 204-207: Limits of Skepticism – Panel incl Pamela Gay

10pm Hilton 309-310: The Secret Lives of Moons – Nicole Gugliucci


2:30pm Hilton 309-310: Every Decision Gives Birth in the Multiverse! – Pamela Gay


And that’s just a smidgen of how much science-y awesome there is. For example, our good friends Phil Plait, Stephen Granade, Bill Keel, Matt Lowry, and Jon Voisey are all appearing on panels and giving talks on science and space topics. AND Scott Sigler, our Future Dark Overlord, will be rocking his books. AND Bill Keel will be running live telescope observing from the Space Track room at night from telescopes in Arizona and Chile. AND if the weather is good there will be a solar telescope out on the pool deck at the Hilton. AND AND…. I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting…. just go pore over the schedule yourself and start circling what looks good, yes?

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