Earth or Not Earth, the Third

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You all are too good. First comment on the last post not only got the category right, but the exact image as well. Okay, okay, you all are planetary science buffs!

Let’s try yet another, and see if you can tell me what planetary surface this is from, and what it is. Is it the Earth? Is it the Moon? Why do you think so? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Jim Meeker

    I’m going to say moon. Based on no erosion of the rays from the impact. Also coloring.

  2. Remo

    The radiants from the central raised section and the irregularly placed pock marks on the plains would not survive long given earth’s weathering processes. The central object looks like a raised rebound mound from a meteor impact which would also explain the radiants.

    The more numerous pock marks (when compared with the plains) might be explained by gas bulbs in the semi-molten rock immediately after impact — although given my limited knowledge of geology, this is speculation.

    So my guess is some place on the moon; however, Mercury would work too.

  3. Frost Bite

    Asteroid, from Vesta mapping, would be my guess.

  4. Frost Bite

    Forgot to add why, mostly because of the material appearing from the strike, appears porous, and the radiants appear to have mostly blown off during impact, from low gravity and movement of the asteroid during impact.

    Note: No background in impacts and very few craters mapped on Vesta mapping, so I’m just guessing. 🙂


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