A Million Craters Marked, Some Basic Stats

by | Oct 13, 2012 | Behind the Scenes, Moon Mappers | 0 comments

Last night (at least last night in the US), we passed through our first million craters that have been marked through CosmoQuest, the vast majority of them were through MoonMappers project. I’m preparing a more science-oriented post to give everyone a status update, but it may take a few days to get it all prepped and posted.

In the meantime, I wanted to lay out some stats.

Number of Craters Marked per Day: One way that we’re tracking how the project is doing is by looking at how many craters are marked in any given 24-hour period. When we initially launched out of beta (March 2012), we averaged around 4000 craters per day, but we quickly dropped to just a few hundred. We got some press with Phil Plait (“The Bad Astronomer”) blogging about the project and shot up to about 20,000 per day, but then dropped back down to a few thousand. Since our push to get enough data to present at a conference in July, and our merger with the BAUT forums in late July, we’ve been averaging between about 5000 and 10,000 craters marked per day. At our current rate, it’ll take half as long to get to the next million. 🙂

Number of People: So far, 2366 unique people have signed up, while 1582 have marked craters.

Number of Images and Craters: Individual images have been looked at 99,283 times. The median number (median is the middle value of a sorted list) per person is 7 images per person. The median number of craters marked is about 55 per person.

At the moment, we’re about half-way through gathering data for our first project. I’ll be posting an update about that in a few days.


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