Robot/Rocket Cosplay Contest 2022

Robot/Rocket Cosplay Contest
An example of color isolation [using a robot costume]. Credit Wikimedia user Donjuansusan licensed CC BY 3.0.

Categories :

  1. Minecraft Robot, Rocket, or Rover: Join our Minecraft server by checking in on the minecraft channel in Discord and start building!
  2. IRL Robot, Rocket, or Rover: out of things you’d otherwise recycle (and art supplies as needed). Boxes, cans, oatmeal cartons – these are fair game in construction. You are welcome to buy glues, tapes, and paints as needed but really – let’s go green as much as possible.
    • Subcategory: People in Cosplay
    • Subcategory: Pets in Cosplay
    • Subcategory: Just the Rocket, Rover, or Robot

Folks submitting in all categories should follow the submissions guidelines


Share a vision of robot, rocket, or rover goodness in the appropriate contest channel on the Discord. That’s it.

Share a picture of you or a pet dressed up as a rocket or robot. All photo participents must consent to be in the picture with the exception of your animal/pet. Can be from anytime past, present, or future. If it’s from the future there’s an extra prize if you tell me how to time travel.


  • The robots that bring us the most joy will win. Awe us, inspire us, or just make us laugh.


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Contest Submissions:

Screenshots of each rocket, rover or lunar base from top, front, and one side submitted to the contest channel in the Con Discord. Please create an album using the free image hosting site Imgur and paste the link into the channel to avoid clutter. Bonus points if you submit a video demonstrating the redstone mechanism actually works instead of just looking cool stationary. 


Contest will be announced at the beginning of the Con, ends 4 hours before the closing ceremony to give time for judging to occur.


Judges decide winners, announce winners at the closing ceremony and discuss each entry. What they did well, what could be improved.