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Weekly Space Hangout


Morgan Rehnberg and Sondy Springmann, with Ramin Skibba, Fraser Cain, and Brian Koberlein

Hosted by Fraser Cain, the Weekly Space Hangout aims to bring you the top stories in astronomy every week with in-depth analysis by a team of space journalists and aficionados. Be sure to watch for the occasional special guest or on-location reporting! Join us every Friday on Google Plus, and be sure to peruse the archived shows on YouTube with Astrosphere New Media and Fraser Cain’s Universe Today.

Past and present space reporters include: Morgan Rehnberg, Carolyn Collins Petersen, Paul Sutter, Nicole Gugliucci, Jolene Creighton, Kimberly Cartier, Nancy Atkinson, Alan Boyle, Dave Dickinson, Casey Dreier, Matthew Francis, Pamela Gay, Elizabeth Howell, Brian Koberlein, Emily Lakdawalla, Scott Lewis, Jason Major, Ian O’Neill, Phil Plait, Ramin Skibba, Alessondra Springmann, Thad Szabo, Amy Shira Teitel, and Brian Wang.

Here is one of our recent shows, featuring Dr. Stuart Robbins, Research Scientist at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI); Mars Impact Craters, Science Lead on Moon Mappers and Mercury Mappers.

Here below is our most recent show! Click to go over to YouTube and catch the whole playlist!