HAT 2022: Let them sleep!

We have a dream….

…a dream of vacations!

…a dream of sleep!

…a dream of sliding into December 2022 knowing CosmoQuest is financially ok!

We’re going to level with you: it takes a lot to keep the lights on here. A lot of work, a lot of love, and because we’re not quite at that beautiful Star Trek future yet, a lot of money. We love that our day job is putting science in your brain, but we need your help to keep doing it.



What’s the plan?

We do awesome things. You awesome humans like our awesome things and give us awesome money.

Ok – for real – What is the plan?

October 21st – 23rd we will host CosmoQuest-a-Con 2022: Rockin’ with Robots and Rockets, a 100% virtual con on Twitch and Discord. If we can raise $40,000 by the time the clock strikes midnight eastern on October 23rd (or is it the 24th? The human writing this forgets how time works), there will be no Hangout-a-thon and your CosmoQuest Team can hibernate for the winter, warm and fuzzy in the knowledge that the science will keep flowing.

What if you don’t raise $40,000 by midnight?

Pamela will host a Hangout-a-thon starting December 23rd and ending when we have enough money or the clock strikes midnight on Christmas Eve, whichever comes first (we’re hoping the money does). Make sure our fearless leader gets some much needed rest by helping us meet our goal in October!

Can my company sponsor you?

Yes! For $5,000 we will run a 30-second ad for your company once a week for 12 episodes of AstronomyCast and 12 weeks of Daily Space during our 2022-2023 season. For $1,000, you can get 2 episodes of AstronomyCast and 2 weeks of Daily Space (Email cosmoquestx [at] gmail [dot] com for the latest download stats).

Is my donation tax deductible?

The short answer is: yes! The long answer is: please check the laws in your country/state/province regarding tax deductions because we are a rag tag team of scientists and creators, not accountants. We are part of the Planetary Science Institute, a 501(c)3 non-profit. You will automatically receive donation receipts from our fundraising vendor Kindful.

So, what do I need to do?

This is the one time we will tell you to hit that BIG RED BUTTON, the one at the top of the page that says “Give.” It will take you to our Kindful page where you can follow the instructions on screen to donate.

You normally have giveaways & weird stuff that happens when goals are met. Will that still happen?

Yup! For every $1,000 raised we will give away one bag of goodies to a viewer on Twitch.tv during CosmoQuest-a-Con 2022. We’ll also have some fun stretch goals! Check them out in the column right under that Big Red Button.

Stretch Goals

For every $1000 raised we will give away one bag of goodies to a viewer on Twitch.tv during CosmoQuest-a-Con 2022 or the Daily Space. In addition to the gift bags, we will make the following things happen: 

  • $5,000: We’ll release a series of Rocket-themed shirts on Red Bubble.
  • $10,000: We’ll release a series of Robot-themed shirts on Red Bubble.
  • $15,000: CosmoQuest team members will perform a skit/song/dramatic reading during After Hours for 6 episodes.
  • $20,000: We’ll add a Rocket and a Robot embroidery to every give away bag. (Made by Annie!)
  • $25,000: We will create “Space Facts 2022” collection available for download and printing.
  • $30,000: Dancer / Choreographer Gillian Rhodes will work with Pamela to create a unique dance of science video.
  • $35,000: Ally will eat the Chip of Death and do an AMA for our audience on Twitch.
  • $50,000: We’ll produce a 6-episode series with Pamela painting worlds while talking to their discovers or SciFi creators.
  • $50,000: Pamela will get a tattoo by Avacyn at Arch Nemesis in STL. (Yes, Bennu is involved.)