Our Goal: Hit $50k by midnight July 16!

(It’s ok to donate early)

CosmoQuest is your place to learn and do science. From offering opportunities to partner with scientists to map our our Solar System and beyond, to producing Astronomy Cast, EVSN, 365 Days of Astronomy, and the Visión Cósmica, we offer myriad programs for anyone with a passing fancy or deeply held love of space sciences.

Join us for our 36 hour Hangout-a-thon on July 15-16 pass the hat for science.

There will be guests, music, games, laughter, and you.

How you can help!

  1. Share the event
  2. Donate
  3. Come hangout with us and cheer us on during all (or at least some) of the 36 hours.

Hangout-a-thon 2023 Event: Guests, Giveaways, Minecraft, & More!

Our Hangout-a-thon event is inspired by old time TV telethons. While we can’t bring you the song and dance routines some of us remember from our childhoods, we can bring you a lot of great science discussions as we build our own Moon Base CQ. 

Prepare the Legos and ready the Minecraft, we’re going in to build our shared futurer. 

Why we Fundraise: Your help makes up the difference

We do a lot of things around CosmoQuest. With a TV show, citizen science, educational materials, podcasts and livestreams, we are growing databases of content for producing new science and learning new ideas. Making all of this possible are people, programs, and servers — which take money. Our entire paid team is just 8 part-time people: Pamela, Ally, Annie, Avivah, Beth, Richard, Erik, and TRFA. (There are also countless volunteers.) We do our best to pay a living wage and provide them with the tools they need, such as Adobe Licenses, Google Suite, and the random mic replacement and hard drives. We also need to pay for our servers, domain names, and document sharing services. It all adds up.

We can almost cover our bills thanks to ad revenue, regular donations (including bits and subs on Twitch, and patronage on Patreon), but it’s not quite enough. To make it all the way through Fiscal Year 2023, we estimate we’re going to need an additional $80,000. We need to raise at least $50,000 by July 16 to be able to scrape by on restricted hours. Your donations to the Hangout-a-thon will allow us to focus on creating instead of on how to pay our bills.

How you can help

Sharing is caring.* The best thing you can do is get out the word (and give). We love it when you give, but the more we grow our audience, the more people can learn science, and the more people there will be learning science and donating!

We just want to share science. Please share our event and if you are able, please donate so we can continue sharing the science.

* Unless you’re sick and sharing germs. Don’t share germs. Wear a mask, people.