CosmoQuest-a-Con TTR Tournament Schedule

The CosmoQuest-a-Con Ticket To Ride tournament games are going to be played over the course of the weekend using several of the maps.


The Rules


  1. All games are competitive. That is to say, if you need a segment to complete your route, take it. Please don’t ask if it’s ok to “ring the bell” when you’re low on cards.
  2. At least one player in a game must own the map that’s being played on. If only one player in a game owns the map, they should issue the invite to the other player. If neither player in a game owns the map, contact Keeper of Maps ASAP.
  3. One person from each game must submit the results of their game using this form in order for the scores to be counted.
  4. When playing one of the games, please share your screen in one of the TTR voice channels so other people can watch. Please do not watch your opponent’s screen. 
  5. Seeding for the games after the preliminary rounds will be based on the player scores in the preliminary round for a given map. The total number of completed routes and number of cars remaining will be used to resolve ties. If there’s still a tie, Keeper of Maps will randomly determine the relative ranking.
  6. Preliminary round games need to be finished by 22:00 Pacific on Saturday (05:00 GMT Sunday morning). If all preliminary games have been played before then, preliminary rounds for additional maps may be added. Players in preliminary games that have not been played by then will not advance to the subsequent rounds for that map, except in extenuating circumstances. If your opponent is a “no show” or there are scheduling conflicts, please let Keeper of Maps know ASAP.



Preliminary rounds


Round 1: USA (original)


To get things started off, let’s play on the map that started it all:  the original USA map. Please be sure that you don’t inadvertantly use one of the other USA maps for this round.


Game number Player #1 Player #2
101 Paranor001 MsBrickKitten
102 Kerbal01 Hexachosicoron
103 dpi209 Veronica_Cure
104 Ambious BadPandaBear



Round 2: Europe – Big Cities


Game number Player #1 Player #2
201 Ambious dpi209
202 Paranor001 Hexachosicoron
203 Veronica_Cure BadPandaBear
204 MsBrickKitten





Round 3: Germany 


Game number Player #1 Player #2
301 Paranor001 dpi209
302 MsBrickKitten Veronica_Cure
303 Kerbal01 Ambious
304 Hexachosicoron BadPandaBear



Round 4: USA (original): Final 


Game number Player #1 Player #2
111 dpi209 Paranor001
112 Hexachosicoron Ambious
113 MsBrickKitten BadPandaBear
114 Veronica_Cure Kerbal01


Round 5: Europe – Big Cities: Final 


Game number Player #1 Player #2
211 Paranor001 dpi209
212 Veronica_Cure Hexachosicoron
213 MsBrickKitten BadPandaBear
214 Ambious Kerbal01



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