1. Entries need to be posted in the contest chat for the specific contest you wish to enter TWO hours before judging.
  2. Each contest may have rules that only apply to them (I’m looking at you, potatoes).
  3. Go big and stay home. Close the curtains and slap on the make-up or Tom Baker scarf. These prizes are good, so make the neighbors wonder why you’re laughing and having fun.
  4. Type the description and name you wish to be announced under your photo submissions.
  5. All human entities in the photo must consent to be in the photo.  
  6. There is no rule 6.

Best Big Hair (current photo)

Show off that do, whether you’re channeling Cyndi Lauper, Robert Smith, or Knight Rider themself.  

Best Big Hair (retro photo)

  • Were you stylin’ in the good ol’ days? Hit me with your best shot. Show us what you got.
  • Photo should be from 1980-89 or close enough.
  • Bonus points for antiquated practices like crimping or Jheri curls.

Best Fourth Doctor (in honor of Paranor and 1981)

For the man without a blue box, let’s remember the first Doctor most North Americans knew. (Current or old photos accepted.)

Best Potato That Looks Like an Asteroid

Pro tip: Put potato in appropriate surrounding to achieve best results.

  1. Potato proof of ownership not required.
  2. Photo must be taken prior to consumption (no satisfied smiley ketchup stained pics please).
  3. This is not Bennu; only one potato is needed.

Best Animal Cosplay

Does your pet dress up in costumes when you aren’t looking? Do you help them? It’s all good. Share a photo of the fun and possibly win a prize. Fluffy, furry, feathery, or cold-blooded… all are welcome!

Best Skinny Tie

Billy Joel ain’t got nothing on you! Keyboard or rainbow, Hello Kitty! or Mr. Roboto… if you have an 80s-inspired tie, show it off! You knew there was a reason you kept it.

Best Scene From an 80s TV or Film Recreation

Star Wars, Star Trek, The Last Starfighter, Blade Runner, ET: some of the best sci-fi movies and shows originated in the 80s. Share a photo or an up-to-30-second clip of original acting. Costumes and scenery enhance the piece, but that’s up to you.

Best song parody

Let’s be honest… we all have created lyrics for the rocket music. If they’re good or if you’ve written a parody of a different song, it’s all good. Just share what you got. Who knows? Someone may choose to sing them on air!

[Some restrictions may apply.  If your laughter lasts more than four minutes, tell your friends about us! No animals were harmed in the typing of this. A cold compress will usually help; if not, try heat.]