Guests@CosmoQuest-a-Con 2022

Alex White

🐦 @alexwhitebooks

Alex White is a writer of original science fiction, as well as licensed books for Star Trek and Alien.

Guests@CosmoQuest-a-Con 2022

Dr. Andy Rivkin

🐦 @asrivkin 🎶 Andy Rivkin & his GeDankenband

Andy Rivkin is a planetary astronomer at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, and an expert in asteroid science. He is an Investigation Lead for the DART mission, NASA’s first planetary defense test mission. When not working, Andy watches baseball, plays guitar, and tweets too much.

Ashley Stroupe

Ashley Stroupe is spacecraft operations and systems engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

Ashwin Vasavada

Ashwin Vasavada is a planetary scientist who has worked on several NASA spacecraft missions including the Cassini mission to Saturn, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, and the Curiosity Mars rover.

Bill Nash

🐦 @billndotnet 📺

Bill Nash is a travelling landscape and street photographer, amateur astrophotographer, network and systems engineer, technologist, unrepentant sci-fi nerd, and other adjectives as well. He streams photography and technology content on Twitch, teaching fundamental photography and bad Photoshop.

Brian Gray

🐦 @urbanbohemian 📺

Brian Gray is a writer, gaymer, foodie, streamer, brunch aficionado and all-around nerd who resides in The Swanktuary trying all things new on the internet. He can be found most places online as urbanbohemian and seen in the cast of several TTRPG Actual Play shows, including Rivals of Waterdeep.

Camp Peavy

🐦 @campp2 📺

I have been building autonomous mobile robots for 40 years. I spent 13 years at Neato robotics as lead technician and am currently President of the HomeBrew Robotics Club of Silicon Valley. I am writing a book that should be out by the end of the year entitled “HomeBrewed Robots!”

Carolyn Collins Petersen

🐦 @spacewriter 📚 Books on Amazon

Carolyn Collins Petersen is a science writer and producer of astronomy and space-science documentary content for planetariums, museums and science centers. She is CEO of Loch Ness Productions. She also writes for Universe Today and has written seven books about astronomy and planetary science.

Ciro Villa

🐦 @CiroV1

Ciro Villa is a Senior Software Engineer for Space Launch Range Systems monitoring and control applications currently working for the US Space Force. His main field of interest are Science, Technology, Space Exploration, Astronomy and Cosmology.

David Carriere

As a member of the R2 Builder’s club David has been building a replica of the R2D2 droid from Star Wars since 2016. He has a background in server infrastructure and programming and also has a long-time Youtube guitar teaching channel.

Dave Dickinson

🐦 @Astroguyz 📚 Books on Amazon

Writer, long-time amateur astronomer, frequent contributor to Universe Today and Sky & Telescope.

David Joseph Wesley

🐦 @DJWfilmmusic

Grammy Award nominated LA-based composer David Joseph Wesley is one of the most prolific composers working in film, TV, and video games today. Dave finds inspiration for his music everywhere. An avid astronomer, his love of space led to two albums, several singles and multiple YouTube jam sessions about the cosmos and space-phenomena. In 2019, he released the album, “Cassini,” as a tribute to the NASA Cassini mission to Saturn. And in 2017, in collaboration with NASA, Dave wrote an album for the solar eclipse titled “Syzygy,”.

Dean Regas

🐦 @DeanRegas 📚 Books on Amazon

Dean has been the Astronomer for the Cincinnati Observatory since 2000. He is a renowned educator, author, podcaster, national popularizer of astronomy and an expert in observational astronomy.

Dr. Elizabeth Ferrara

🐦 @GROverboard 📺

Elizabeth Ferrara (aka GammaLiz) is a professional astrophysicist working in the space industry. She searches for new pulsars in gamma-ray sources with no known counterparts, and works to expand pulsar timing arrays in order to open the next window on the gravitational universe.

Emma Chapman

🐦 @dreochapman 📚Book on Amazon

Dr Emma Chapman is a lecturer at the University of Nottingham. She is in search of the first stars to light up our Universe, 13 billion years ago, and released her first popular science book in 2020, ‘First Light’.

G. S. Jennsen

🐦 @GSJennsen 📚Books on Amazon

G. S. Jennsen is an internationally bestselling author of 18 science fiction novels and numerous short stories. She lives in Montana with her husband and two furry, four-legged children.

Gillian Rhodes

🐦 @gillianperforms

Gillian Rhodes is an American performing artist and storyteller. She graduated with a degree in dance from Columbia University and has been working as a choreographer and performer for 10 years across Asia, including Cambodia, South Korea, and now Pakistan.

Gregory Gbur

🐦 @drskyskull

Greg Gbur is a Professor of Physics and Optical Science and the author of two popular science books, Falling Felines and Fundamental Physics (2019) and Invisibility: the history and science of how not to be seen (2023).

Dr. Jan Eldridge

🐦 @astro_jje

Dr Jan Eldridge is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Auckland. Her research concerns the lives and deaths of stars. She is an astrophysicist because she read and watched a lot of sci-fi when young and loves working out how things in sci-fi could really work.

Jason McDonald

🐦 @jrock1905

Jason McDonald started building robots in 2004 and completed his R2-D2 in 2008. Since then he has been 3D printing and building robots and props from the Star Wars universe. He has a need to constantly learn and build as he adds droid to his collection.

Jesse Rogerson

🐦 @jesserogerson

I am a passionate scientist, and space science educator and communicator. My research examined quasars – super massive black holes in the centres of distant galaxies.

John ‘Das’ Galloway

🐦 @kspaceacademy

Das is a science outreach communicator who specializes in live, interactive video content. He created the Kerbal Space Academy, and Virtual Field Trips, which bring real-time interactive video to museums, events, and historical locations. Dasis also a host and producer for NASASpaceflight.

Jonathan McDowell

🐦 @planet4589

Dr. Jonathan McDowell writes on the technical history of space exploration and maintains a catalog of space objects at his website He is also an astrophysicist who has studied cosmology, black holes, galaxies, quasars, and asteroids, and is part of the Chandra telescope team.

Keren Landsman

🐦 @smallweed

A mother, a published author (“The heart of the circle”) and a physician with a specialty in Epidemiology and Public Health who really misses the times when people didn’t know what’s Epidemiology.

Kristi Kates

🐦 @KristiKates 📺

Musician, actress/voice talent, Twitch Partner, creating music & nonsense on the internet & beyond, plus theme nights and eclectic gaming also on Twitch. Performing a set of astronomy/space-themed pop songs for CosmoQuest-a-Con!

Mat Kaplan


Mat Kaplan is about to celebrate his 20th anniversary as host and producer of Planetary Radio, The Planetary Society’s weekly public radio series and podcast that shares the PB&J–the passion, beauty and joy–of space exploration.

Meri Amber

🐦 @meriamber

Meri Amber is a nutball singer songwriter who’s performed at events as varied as comic conventions, to shows alongside puppets, magicians and medieval swordsmen!

Mika Mckinnon

🐦 @mikamckinnon

Field geophysicist, disaster researcher, scifi science consultant, science writer, public speaker, and irrepressibly curious.

Mike Simmons

🐦 @Astro_MikeS

Mike Simmons has been an outreach astronomer and organizer for 50 years. His most recent efforts have focused on connecting people worldwide through astronomy. He now leads a new organization, Astronomy for Equity, that uses astronomy to support STEM education in marginalized communities.

Morgan Rehnberg

🐦 @MorganRehnberg

Dr. Morgan Rehnberg is an educator, writer, and planetary scientist. A long-time host of the Weekly Space Hangout, he is also Director of Exhibits and Planetarium at Nashville’s Adventure Science Center.

Mur Lafferty

🐦 @mightymur

Mur Lafferty is an author, podcaster, and editor. She’s been nominated for the Hugo, Nebula, Philip K. Dick, Dragon, and Podcast Peer awards, and was inducted into the Podcast Academy Hall of Fame in 2015.

Nicole Gugliucci

🐦 @NoisyAstronomer

Dr. Nicole Gugliucci is a physics professor, astronomer, and education researcher with a background in instrumentation and a passion for sharing the Universe.

Noam Izenberg

🐦 @izenplanet

Noam R. Izenberg is a planetary Geologist at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory. If it has a solid surface, and interacts with the atmosphere (or space) above it, I’m interested in it, from asteroids to ice moons to planets to exoplanets. Occasional astropoet, full time interdisciplinary nerd.

Rob Sparks

🐦 @halfastro

Rob Sparks is a STEM educator at NSF’s NOIRLab in Tucson. Astrophotography is a skill that plays in both his professional and personal life. At night he can be found on stages around Tucson performing improv with multiple groups and being an overall Disnerd.

Seth Lockman

🐦 @SethLockman

Seth created and co-hosted Radio Astronomy (now Scientifically Speaking), the first nonprofit radio show to join NASA’s Museum & Informal Education Alliance. He now illustrates the Portland Press Herald’s, “What’s Up?” astronomy column and volunteers as a Solar System Ambassador.

Stephen Granade

🐦 @Sargent

Stephen Granade is a physicist and writer specializing in robotics, machine learning, and sensors. His sensors have read fingerprints from 10 feet away, tracked drones, and guided the shuttle to Hubble. He was most recently seen on the Science Channel’s NASA’s Unexplained Files.

Syahirah Stargazer

🐦 @syahirahstargazer

Syahirah Stargazer is a space artist of the International Association of Astronomical Artists & a science-art educator who strives to propel the space & education sector through creative & artistic endeavour. She’s also a dark sky advocate who brings light pollution awareness through her artworks.

Ted Stryk

🐦 @tedstryk 📚 Books on Amazon

I am a philosophy professor at Roane State Community College in Tennessee. Planetary exploration has always been an interest of mine, particularly reprocessing old data. I am a collaborator with the New Horizons Pluto mission Geology and Geophysics team and served a member of the encounter team.

Terry Gant

🐦 @docmidnight

Terry Gant is the owner of Third Coast Comics in Chicago. In addition to comics, he loves Skyrim and Prog Metal.

Terry notoriously hates pants.

Universe Today/Fraser Cain

🐦 @fcain

Fraser Cain is the publisher of Universe Today and the co-host of Astronomy Cast.

Yoav Landsman

🐦 @masacritit

Space entrepreneur, engineer, consultant and enthusiast. My focus is on the Moon. I’m physically in Luxembourg, but my thoughts are not constrained by gravity. ISU alumnus Karman Project fellow 2020 Founder of Moonscape, a lunar remote sensing company.