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By Susie Murph on April 14, 2016 in

McDonald Observatory, a research unit of The University of Texas at Austin, is one of the world’s leading centers for astronomical research, teaching, and public education and outreach. This institution will, in coordination with NASA, train teachers from regional school districts to integrate citizen science projects and curricula into their classroom programs. They will provide […]

By Nicole Gugliucci on November 25, 2013 in

Cross-posted at School of Doubt. I love hands-on science demos. One of my favorites is the “Make your own comet” that I often do for public events with kids, adults, anyone! I perfected my comet making skills while I was a part of Dark Skies, Bright Kids in Virginia, and I’ll share the not-so-secret recipe […]

By Georgia on June 4, 2012 in

If school weren’t already out for the summer (at least it is here in Edwardsville, IL), I bet there would be more than a few teachers thinking hard about plans to incorporate the upcoming Transit of Venus event into their classrooms. Now, of course, public outreach is always in season—no need to have the school […]