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An artist’s conception of a major impact event, with the early Earth as the target body.  Such massive impacts no longer occur, but plenty of small ones do.. Image Credit: Don Davis (work commissioned by NASA)

CQ Science – Post 1: Impact Events

Several of the mapping tasks here at CQ include marking the size and position of impact craters. Why is this so important, and how does so much science come out of these measurements? We’ll answer these questions in a series of posts about impact craters, starting here with Impact Events. Impact craters are the scars […]

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Credit: NASA/JPL

Citizen Science in SPAAAAAACE!

Hey folks, we know that you love citizen science! And while we at CosmoQuest are working on revamping our old projects and ramping up our new projects, we’d like to share some great opportunities for you to branch out your citizen science work! Over at PLOS Blogs, they host a blog specifically for citizen science […]

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