StanDrawsSpaceships talks CosmoQuest, and Why We Map Craters!

California high school student Kevin Fangzhou Lu has directed a citizen scientist video interview, starring artist Stanley Von Medvey of the YouTube channel StanDrawsSpaceships. Stan is an illustrator, storyboard artist and animator, but he also has had a life-long fascination with spaceflight that began with getting his first telescope at age 6. He hopes to share some of the things he’s learned over the years, as well as learn new things himself by making these videos!

You can find Stan here:
YouTube: StanDrawsSpaceships
instagram: rush_that_speaks
Twitter: @bagtaggar

And you can follow for more of Kevin’s amazing work here:
Instagram: @kevlfz

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Susie Murph is a Communications Specialist at CosmoQuest. She also produces Astronomy Cast and the Weekly Space Hangout.

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