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Greetings fellow Citizen Scientists! Time to talk about a new feature: Teams!

Teams let you combine your efforts and work toward CosmoQuest goals together.

  • For teachers, you can join your students together into a classroom, view your students’ progress, and complete classroom-specific challenges to earn prizes.
  • For everyone else, get as many people active in your team as you can; there are prizes for you too! Finding the most craters isn’t the only important part though. Staying consistent, and bringing in new users, are something else we’re looking for.
  • It’s super easy to join teams or make new ones.

We’re working on a few more teamy things, like having your own team chat, but first we’re sticking with the basics and seeing what people think. For now, get out there and work together to do science! Here’s how…


On any page, click on the Teams button.



Once you’re there, create a new team or join one with a code.



That’s it! Share your sweet new join code with current or future scientists!

Get to it!

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