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Astronomy is an active field, with new things arising every day, and new ways to get involved and learn and do constantly becoming available. We’re going to do what we can to keep you up-to-date and post weekly updates on what is going on around the internets, and where you can get involved. You can expect these updates to come out roughly every Wednesday. Everything we talk about here will get added to our calendars. Want to get your events talked about? Just email us at getinvolved at cosmoquest dot org.


Upcoming Events for January 19-January 25, 2012

  • Weekly Space Hangout hosted by Fraser Cain.
    Time: 10am PACIFIC / 1pm EASTERN / 6pm GMT Thr Jan 19 or 5am Fri Jan 20 SYDNEY
    (Location: Google Hangout on Air (link will be posted on twitter & G+ at the beginning of the show).

    Join Fraser Cain along with some combination Alan Boyle,  Pamela Gay, Nicole Gugliucci, Emily Lakdawalla, Phil Plait, and Miles O’Brien for a round of this weeks Space News.
  • Public (Second Life) Lecture: Of Lunar Craters by Pamela Gay
    Time: 10am PACIFIC / 1pm EASTERN / 6pm GMT Sat Jan 21 or 5am Sun Jan 22 SYDNEY
    Location: Large Auditorium on StellaNova, Second Life

    Sure, some of them look like smilie faces, and sure, some of them are interesting colors, but crater is just a crater. Right? Wrong! Craters on the nearby Moon help us understand both the Moon’s own structure and the history of both it and our entire Solar System. In this talk you’ll learn why you should care about craters, and all the different structures they come in and all the different ways they can form. You’ll also hear about crater imposters: Volcano craters pretending to be of asteroid impact origin. And if you want to help map out craters, we’ll discuss how you can become part of making lunar science. (see all MICA events here)


Ongoing Online Projects

  • Globe at Night: Go outside and document how light pollution does (or doesn’t) impact how you see the stars (link)
  • Vote for the International Observe the Moon Night 2012 Dates: Help us celebrate the moon on a night of your choosing. This year the public is invited to help pick the night for InOMN (#moonnight) and to suggest themes for the celebration. (link)

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