Return of NASA “Worm” logo

by | Apr 3, 2020 | NASA, Space Policy, Spacecraft, SpaceX | 0 comments

This is the Falcon 9 rocket that will launch the Crew Dragon spacecraft, with NASA astronauts aboard.

NASA has announced they are bringing back the classic NASA worm logo from the 1970s. Throughout my life, we’ve been told it was strictly forbidden to use this logo as it was retired. But… we all coveted this logo and its swoopy simplicity. Now, as my generation rises up in NASA, someone mysterious soul has won us the ability to finally and officially use this logo again. I want to buy this person a drink. Officially, it’s coming back to celebrate the return of manned space flight using US made rockets. The old limitations are also being removed. While NASA style guides dating back to the days of the original worm logo usage required it to only appear horizontally, it will clearly be rotated into the vertical when this falcon 9 is stood up to take flight.


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