Astronomy Cast has won a Parsec Award!

By on December 18, 2018 in

After many years as a finalist, Astronomy Cast has finally won in the Fact Behind the Fiction category of the 2018 Parsec Awards, joining the ranks of other fantastic podcasts such as Talk Nerdy with Cara Santa Maria, HubbleCast, the Planetary Society’sPlanetary Radio, Monster Talk, 365 Days of Astronomy and Universe Today‚Äôs Guide to Space.

Huge congratulations to Pamela, Fraser, and editor Chad for all of their hard work and for this much deserved win. Astronomy Cast is 12 years old and still going strong!

Parsec Awards winner list:

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Susie Murph is a Communications Specialist at CosmoQuest. She produces the Astronomy Cast, the Weekly Space Hangout and Daily Space.

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