Celebrate Citizen Science Day with a CosmoQuest Scavenger Hunt!

Today is Citizen Science Day, and we wanted you to have some fun exploring our website and projects! This virtual scavenger hunt takes you around our website, introduces you to our projects, and it just a little bit of fun! When you’re finished, you can check your answers here, and comment below with your score and age! This is honor system and folks have until midnight between Monday April 16, and Tuesday, April 17, London time, 7pm Boston, 4pm Vancouver, 9 am Wednesday Sydney.

Winners in each category will get to pick a toy from Pamela’s random, in new condition, geeky toy box of stuff loved by all ages. (Kids pick first!) We’ll also highlight the best scores on a blog update and our CosmoQuest Twitter stream over the next few days, and give you a shoutout!
Ready, set, go!


  • In which project can you find photos of Aurora Borealis?
  • Which spacecraft gathered data for our Moon Mappers project?
  • What podcast does Pamela Gay host with Fraser Cain?
  • What are the names of the five CosmoQuest citizen science projects?
  • What are the four possible areas you can propose new citizen science projects in?
  • What surface feature do all four mapping projects focus on?
  • Finish the statement: Craters are circular holes in the ground with ___________ on one side and a ___________ on the other.

Image Detective:

  • Where did the photos for Image Detective come from?
  • How many images from the International Space Station does NASA need help in analyzing?
  • What is one science goal?

Moon Mappers:

  • What is one science goal?
  • What are possible benefits to mapping craters on the moon?
  • What makes mapping craters on the Moon difficult?

  • What types of images are used in the Moon Mappers?

Mercury Mappers:

  • What is one science goal?
  • Which NASA mission does data for this project come from?
  • Why are the images so full of craters?

Vesta Mappers:

  • What is one science goal?
  • Which NASA mission does data for this project come from?
  • What is Vesta?

Mars Mappers:

  • What is one science goal?
  • What mystery about Mars could be uncovered through mapping the surface of Mars?
  • Name one feature on Mars you don’t see on the Moon, Mercury, or Vesta?

You can check your answers here – don’t peek! We’ll continue to update these answers, and feel free to share your discoveries – we will be making this quiz a teacher resource in the future, so help us improve it! Good luck!

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