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Oct 5, 2015 | Uncategorized

by Alex Indigo

by Alex Indigo

Hello, October. We see that you come bearing travel.

Want to meet in real life? That is going to become more and more possible in the coming months. As we gear up to grow CosmoQuest with a little (or actually a lot of) help from our friends and from NASA, we’re going to be  doing more travel, more streaming, and more meetups. Everything will be listed on our “Join Us… ” page.

Here is quick round up of near-future events. We’ll try and do these at the beginning of each month so you can plan along with us.

  • October 10, San Francisco: Join Pamela at the Chabot Center for the Astronomical Society of the Pacific’s annual meeting: UNIVERSE 2015. She’ll be presenting in the evening awards banquet and will be around to chat in the afternoon. Register online.
  • October 14, The Ohio State University: Join Fraser and Pamela at 7pm for the CCAPP Next Frontiers Symposium: Space Science and Exploration. They will be doing a panel discussion with astronaut Ron Sega, COSI manager of theatre operations Ty Owen, and CCAPP Visiting Scholar Paul Sutter. Information & Livestream.

We’ll also have a bunch of team members in San Francisco the week of December 12 for the American Geophysical Union meeting. Meetup event to be announced!


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